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Daki and Gyutaro
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Daki and Gyutaro, the two demon siblings were the most powerful foes that fought Tanjiro and his friends in The Entertainment District Arc. But as we have seen before, Demon Slayer has a strong forte in humanizing characters. And this applies for the demons too. Often, they are shown to have some backstory that made them what they are. The last episode of season 2 made us witness the tragic past of Daki and Gyutaro. The IMDB ratings for this episode are 8.9 and you can watch it on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Netflix.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Demon Slayer – Season 2

How was Gyutaro’s Childhood?

Demon Slayer
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Born into a lowest class of the Entertainment District, the two siblings faced hell on earth. Gyutaro was the oldest of the two siblings. Their mother was a prostitute who barely made a living. Due to their poor living conditions, she considered Gyutaro a burden and tried to kill him multiple times. His body was weak like a withered leaf, but he clung to life as hard as he could. The people of the Entertainment District mocked him for his ugly voice and filthy appearance. They would often throw rocks at him and abuse him. For survival, he had to rely on mice and insects. And his only toy was a scythe left behind by a customer.

How did Daki’s Birth Change Gyutaro’s life?

Daki and Gyutaro
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Gyutaro’s life was miserable until Ume (aka Daki, his younger sister) was born. Daki’s real name was Ume, but it was the name of the disease that killed their mother. Ume was the pride and joy of Gyutaro’s life. Even at a tender age, she was a beauty to be admired. Gyutaro realized that he was cut out for fighting and so he worked as a debt collector. Everyone feared him and his ugliness became a source of his pride. And having a gorgeous sister like Ume dismissed his sense of inferiority. The siblings were finally seeing some good times.

How did Daki and Gyutaro become Demons?

How did daki and gyutaro become demons?
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One night when Gyutaro returned from work, he found Ume burned to a crisp. She had stabbed a customer in his eye, blinding him. In retaliation, she was tied and burnt alive. Gyutaro was devastated by these horrific turns of events. While he sat there with his sister inches apart from death’s door, he was fatally wounded in the back by the same person responsible for his sister’s death. Infuriated by this, Gyutaro killed the man and the brothel’s owner with his scythe. Not a single person from the Entertainment District helped them. While on the verge of death, they were noticed by the Upper Moon Six demon of that time. He offered the siblings his blood and turned them into demons.

Gyutaro’s Regret

Demon Slayer Season 2
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In his final moments, Gyutaro did not regret becoming a demon or killing humans. But his only regret was that he dragged his sister into this kind of life. If she could have worked at a better house, she could have become a respectable Oiran. If she had born in a normal family, she would be a normal well-bred girl. Gyutaro believed that Ume’s pliant nature was the outcome of his upbringing. If he had not taught her to take from others before they took from her, she would still be alive. If he had not raised her the way he did then she would have had a totally different life.

The Promise That Bound Daki And Gyutaro Together

Gyutaro carries daki into fire
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In the afterlife, Gyutaro tried to sever his bonds with Ume as he knew his path would lead him to hell. So, he told Ume to go towards the light and not follow him anymore. But Ume refused to leave his side. She cried and apologized to her elder brother. But to no avail, she then remained Gyutaro of the promise he made to her when they were kids. The promise to always be together and never leave her alone. Gyutaro realizing that his sister genuinely cared about him, respected her wishes and carried her to the fires of hell along with him. And finally, both daki and gyutaro perished from this world together.


The backstory of the demon siblings in some way paralleled to that of Tanjiro and Nezuko and that is the reason it felt so emotional to us viewers. Daki and Gyutaro ‘s acts in no way can be justified. But we still feel empathetic towards the siblings. The amount of trauma they had to face as children shows the demonic side of humanity. The only good thing they had in their lives was their bond. This episode showed the last moments of Daki and Gyutaro as they said their final goodbyes to each other. The siblings passed on from this world realizing that they would always stick together through thick and thin, no matter as a human or a demon.

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