How did Mikasa help Ymir make her decision?

mikasa help ymir
How did Mikasa help Ymir?

With Attack on Titan Manga already finished and a wait for the part 3 of the finale. There is a question bothering lots of the manga readers- How did Mikasa help Ymir make her decision? In the final chapter of the manga, we learn about the conversation between Eren and Armin in the paths. And this was an unexpected plot twist for most of us. But before answering that question, there are few important things you should know.

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 4.

Why did Ymir Obey Fritz for 2000 years?

Ymir loved Karl Frtiz

After obtaining god like powers, Ymir simply could have destroyed all her enemies in a single swoop. But she decided to return to her oppressor. Even ignoring the facts that Karl Fritz was responsible for her family’s death, the destruction of her village and the innumerable wounds that he inflicted on her. And the reason shocked Armin and all of us.

Ymir was in love with Karl Fritz. This has to be the most extreme case of Stockholm Syndrome ever. Her love for King Fritz made her obey his wishes for 2000 years.

Even though it was clear that she was in pain, she was waiting all these years for someone. Someone who would free her from this agony of love. And to much of our surprise, that person was not Eren but Mikasa.

Why Ymir needed help from Mikasa?

Ymir was in love with King Fritz. So much so that she continued serving him even after his death. She was in a lot of pain and yearned freedom, but she felt obligated to continue obeying the King’s order. Her love for the King became the sole reason for her suffering.

Similar to her, Mikasa also loved Eren even though he tried pushing her away a number of times. In one way or other Mikasa was also in the same position as Ymir. That made Ymir curious about what choice would Mikasa make when it came down to choosing between her love and her freedom. Ymir needed to know if her decision to love Karl Fritz at the cost of giving away her own freedom was the correct one. And the only person who could help her was Mikasa.

There was no mention about this in the anime as even Eren did not know the answer to it. But in the final chapter, one scene in particular (discussed next in this article) helped me arrive to this conclusion.

How exactly did Mikasa help Ymir?

Mikasa killed Eren

Mikasa was very much in love with Eren. She always tried to keep Eren away from harms way. But in end when there was no other way to stop Eren from destroying all life, she decided to cut his head. This choice was heart wrenching for her but she went through with it. Because she realized that is what Eren wanted.

After decapitating Eren, Mikasa kisses him and behind her we see Ymir moved by Mikasa’s decision and lets out a gentle smile. After all these years she realized that moving on is the right thing. This choice of Mikasa helped Ymir let go the realm of paths which ultimately wiped out the power of titans from the face of the world.

In Ymir’s perspective, the entire Attack On Titan was a simulation to help her arrive to a conclusion. And Eren and Mikasa served as mere tools in this therapeutic simulation. Ymir made Mikasa go through all that agony just so she (Ymir) could validate that it was ok to move on.

The last season of ATO will be released soon. And it will be a visual treat to all us fans. I will update here as soon as we get a fixed release date.

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