Is Chainsaw Man worth the hype?

Chainsaw man
Chaisaw man Review

Review of Chainsaw Man

This will be my honest review on the Chainsaw man. This review contains spoilers for episode 1, so back off while you can. So, a couple of days ago one of my friends asked to watch this anime. Initially, I was a bit hesitant as it was a hyped anime. My reasoning being that if any anime is hyped and then if it fails to deliver, then I will find it difficult to trust the community. Eventually, I decided to watch it. The pilot of the anime picks up with gore and inhuman scenes. I mean it does not even take time to let you grab some snacks.

The Setup

Denji and Pochita
Denji and Pochita

The story begins in a world of humans and monsters. But this is nothing like a typical human’s v/s demons anime we mostly watch. There is some grey area in between the black and white. The protagonist Denji is a poor kid who owes the Yakuza a ton of money that his father failed to repay before his death. He is accompanied by a chainsaw demon called Pochita. The two are inseparable even after being in a dire financial situation. In order to pay off his debt, the Yakuza force Denji to become a demon hunter.

Due to his poor circumstances, the duo often ends up sharing just a piece of bread. We all dream of living a luxurious life with all the amenities the world has to offer, but Denji just wishes to have some jam on his bread. And this is what made me a fan of this anime. I mean it is brutally realistic. His dreams are so basic that it makes us realize how fortunate we are.

The Betrayal

One day the Yakuza leader calls Denji along with Pochita in an abandoned place to kill a monster. But he betrays Denji and kills him. Apparently, the Yakuza have now sided with a zombie demon for power and on his command they are willing to wipe out all demon hunters.

This scene was the most disturbing one I had watched in a long time. The zombie devil first stabs Denji and Pochita and then dismembers Denji’s body and dumps it. I mean you really have to be an emotionless person to not feel for the guy whose only dream is to have a basic life.

The Resurrection

Pochita saves Denji
Pochita saves Denji

Back in the anime, Pochita joins Denji’s body together using its powers. But in order to give life to lifeless Denji, Pochita replaces Denji’s heart with his own body. Upon waking up, Denji realizes that Pochita is missing. He also notices a change in his body. Now he has a chainsaw starter sticking out of his chest. He understands that Pochita gave up its life to save him.

The Revenge of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

The zombie demon again tries to kill Denji but this time he pulls the chainsaw starter and his head and arms grow a freaking chainsaw out of them. He became the chainsaw man. And what we see next is the best action scene of fall 2022. He then single-handedly kills the zombie demon and all the Yakuza members who were turned into zombies by the demon. The fight sequence gave me vibes of JJK. You just have to watch the fight scenes yourself to experience its epic ness.

A Normal Life?

Makima and Denji
Makima and Denji

After all the commotion, a group of official demon hunters led by Makima, a beautiful and hot lady arrive there. She realizes that despite his appearance, Denji is still a human and offers Denji a choice to serve her as her pet or be killed by her hands. She also states that her pets are well fed. Upon hearing this, Denji asks her what’s for breakfast. She replies lots of items but bread and jam catch Denji’s attention and he immediately agrees. He feels like his entire life flipped 180. A day ago he did not have means to secure his bread, a proper shelter and he was in a pit of debt. But now he has all those things, he is free from debt and to top it off he is in close proximity of a beautiful lady which he thought would never happen.

Final Verdict on the Chainsaw Man Anime

Chainsaw Man Trailer

Tatsuki Fujimoto is famous for showcasing brutality though his content. Chainsaw man is adapted from the manga of the same name. To sum it up, Chainsaw Man has a bleak plot, spectacular fight sequences, a fascinating main character and a hot lady with the potential of becoming a wifu. I would say that this anime is worth all the hype it’s receiving. Currently, three episodes of the anime are out and it has a whopping 9 star rating on IMDB. For manga lovers, there are 108 chapters available to read. Do give it a try.

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