MHA War Arc Begins | AFO New Quirk Revealed

MHA War Arc Begins

MHA chapter 343 begins the final war between the heroes and villains. This war will definitely change the hero-centric society in the world of MHA. On one side we have the villains and AFO while on the other side is Deku along with his classmates. The inevitable second war with the villains is about the commence. Deku in his new hero costume, the reveal of UA traitor and now the reveal of AFO’s new Quirk, the hype for My Hero Academia is BACK!

(This article contains heavy spoilers, proceed with caution)

Chapter 342 Recap

Chapter 342 Recap.

In the previous chapter, we see that AFO’s sleeper agents have infiltrated UA to carry his orders. They were tasked to fan the flames of the chaotic hero society and force Deku out of UA. Meanwhile, the students return exhausted to their dorm after a break from their search efforts. All Might and the others interrupt their peace time to discuss the plan for the second war. The next day, Deku along with his other classmates leaves UA and the sleeper agents get a sense of relief as their mission’s completed without their intervention. We see some satisfying moments of Deku hugging his mom, Shoto and Bakugo meeting their families and Deku saying his good byes to the two kids (Eri and Kota).

They move into a strong hold about 30 kms away from UA. But I believe there is some foreshadowing in the name of the strong hold “Troy”. It reminds me of the famous city from the Trojan Horse story. Back in the strong hold, we see Deku and Uraraka talk about their sentiments regarding Toga, Shigaraki and the war. On the other hand, AFO declares the commencement of his operation.

AFO “Lie Detector” Quirk Revealed

AFO's New Quirk Revealed.

AFO possess the Quirk that can detect lies. Anyone who has a sliver of malicious intent, AFO will know it. The chapter 343 of MHA begins with an insight of this newly revealed Quirk. AFO stole this Quirk back during the time when Quirks first began. He does not know the name of this Quirk. But the person from whom he stole the Quirk is someone related to Tsukauchi (Truth Man). With this Quirk, AFO is sure that the victory will be his. He then contacts Aoyama’s parents to confirm about Deku being handled to him. AFO does not sense any ill intent or deception when speaking to Aoyama’s mother and concludes that she is telling the truth.

AFO’s Ultimate Plan

AFO's Ultimate Plan Revealed.

Aoyama calls Deku in an abandoned parking lot. And here we get a glimpse of Deku’s new hero costume. This new costume is a combination of all his previous costumes except the mask. Aoyama thanks Deku for coming and wishes to speak with him. He reveals the true goals of AFO behind all this chaos. The Japanese Yen has tanked in value and every Japanese company has filed for bankruptcy. The nation has gone back to the times when Quirks first emerged.

If the nation fails to maintain stability then they will have no option but to abandon it. And in such a world if the basic needs like water, electricity or gas were to run out, the only person who could provide them would be AFO with his unique Quirks which he acquired over all these years. And he would become the demon lord of this world. But Deku for one refused to believe the possibility of that ever happening as the heroes were still there and would resist AFO’s plan.

AFO Appears Before Deku

AFO Appears Before Deku.

Hearing Deku’s response, Aoyama smiled and apologized for what he was about to do for the sake of his parents’ safety. Now with tears in his eyes, behind him would emerge AFO, applauding Aoyama for bringing Deku to him. He would admit that the bit about his final plan that Aoyama revealed was pretty great perhaps not entirely accurate. He wondered if Aoyama’s parents told him all this stuff. Which Aoyama would confirm, along with the promise of their future and happiness.

Aoyama’s Betrayal

Deku would yell out to Aoyama saying that he believed in him. But Aoyama would respond by saying that he can’t feel anguish anymore. And quickly spin around and fire his laser right at AFO. But AFO would easily deflect his attack and was certainly displeased by this betrayal.

This was all an act which Deku was aware of. Deku would feel bad for saying such bad things to Aoyama and making him tear up. But Aoyama revealed that he was crying because he was too scared. AFO was puzzled by how he could be tricked, even though he used his lie detector Quirk on Aoyama’s mother. But even if all this was a ploy, AFO was sure that One For All would be in his grasps as his search Quirk, which he had previously used on the other heroes determined that they were miles away. And there was nothing stopping him. With that he would summon the entirety of his forces and claim that it was far too late to stop him.

In return, Aoyama tells that his parents also told him about the one thing that he (AFO) hates a lot. Which is the fact “That the World knows japan isn’t finished yet, for there still shines a light beam of hope”. If Japan can lead the way, the rest of the world will follow their footsteps.

All Heroes Appear

MHA War Arc Begin. The Villains face off the Heroes.

A bit of darkness would begin swirling behind Aoyama. It was the Quirk of Kurogiri. Watching this AFO was shocked but had no idea how the heroes were able to use his Quirk. Though he was happy that they saved him the trouble of getting Kurogiri back. However, Kurogiri was not there but it was Monoma and so were all the other heroes as the second war arc of MHA would begin.

MHA War Arc Verdict

This chapter reminded me of the “Avengers Assemble” moment from the Endgame. Filled with emotions and a couple of key revelations, this chapter sets the best stage for the beginning of the second war arc. The villains for sure outnumber the heroes, but there is no place for defeat here as the future of Japan and the entire world lie on their shoulders.

With time and again MHA has proven why it deserves to be on the top spots and now with this second war arc I’m sure it will break all the records.

The next chapter will be out on 18th of February. And I cannot wait to see what it unfolds. Till then stay tuned.

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