The Entertainment District Arc Explained

The Entertainment District Arc
Source: Funimation

After a season filled with remarkable animations and thriller fight sequences, Demon Slayer Season 2 finally ended with a moving backstory and a glimpse of the future plotlines. The Entertainment District Arc aired its last episode on 13th February, 2022. And here’s everything you need to know about it.

This article will not cover “The Mugen Train Arc” and will focus mainly on the “Entertainment District Arc”. You can watch the second season on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Netflix. Find the details about the manga continuation after season 2 at the very bottom of this article.

Warning: This Demon Slayer article contains spoilers for Season 2 – The Entertainment District Arc.

Episode 1 – Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui

IMDB Rating: 7.8

Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui
Source: Funimation

This first episode of the Entertainment District Arc deals with the aftermath of the Mugen Train Arc. We see Inosuke, Zenitsu and Tanjiro all battered and bruised after fighting the Train Demon. Tears roll down their eyes as they see Rengoku sitting there lifeless. The flame Hashira Kyojuru Rengoku is no more.

We then get a glimpse of Muzan in his child form, scolding the Upper Moon 3 – Akaza for not finding the “Blue Spider Lily” and returning back without killing the three demon slayers accompanying Rengoku.

Tanjiro visits Senjuro, younger brother of Rengoku and delivers his (Rengoku’s) final words to his family. Tanjiro also learns a few things about Hinokami Kagura (Sun Breathing Style). Before leaving the Rengoku house, Senjuro hands Tanjiro his brother’s Nichirin Sword Guard.

While on his way to the butterfly mansion, Tanjiro runs into Haganezuka (The Nichirin Sword Maker). Haganezuka is mad at Tanjiro for losing his sword but eventually calms down after being offered some dumplings.

Four months pass by, the trio puts all their efforts in honing their skills and training thier bodies alongside defeating minor demons. We then get to meet the flamboyant Sound Hashira – Tengen Uzui, who tries to kidnap the girls from the butterfly mansion for a mission to save his three wives. But Tanjiro, Zsenitsu and Inosuke agrees to tag along with him instead of the girls. And with this the first episode, the “Entertainment District Arc” ends.

Episode 2 – Infiltrating the Entertainment District

IMDB Rating : 7.7

Infiltrating the Entertainment District
Source: Funimation

The episode 2 contains some much deserved light hearted comedy between Tengen and the trio. The four of them arrive at the Entertainment District. It is a red-light area, mostly active during the nights, making it an ideal location for demons to hide. Here we get some really hilarious conversations between Tengen and Zenitsu. The trio along with the Hashira decide to infiltrate the Entertainment District. The three are tasked to find Tengen’s wives (Kunoichis) while he gathers information on the demon.

Tengen had already narrowed down the list of suspicious houses to three. The Tokito House, The Ogimoto House and The Kyogoku House. His wives Suma, Makio and Hinatsuru were already investigating these houses, but they went missing. So, now the trio disguised as girls, infiltrate these houses and thus, their mission to find Tengen’s wives begins.

Sumiko (Tanjiro) joins the Tokito house, Inoko (Inosuke) joins the Ogimoto house and (Zenitsu) joins the Kyogoku house. Soon after settling into their respective houses, Inosuke senses a presence of a demon. And we see a demon abducting Makio from the Ogimoto house. End of episode.

Episode 3 – What Are You?

IMDB Rating : 8.2

What are you?
Source: Funimation

The episode begins with Inosuke chasing the demon, but unfortunately it escapes. Meanwhile, in the Kyogoku house, Zenitsu hears a girl crying so he goes to help her. But out of nowhere, he feels a demonic presence when Warabihime (The Oiran of the house) stands behind him. She demands to know why Zenitsu is in her room and proceeds to abuse the girl who was supposed to clean the room. Sensing that she is a demon, Zenitsu tries saving the girl but fails and Warabihime knocks him unconscious.

We then get a flash back about two days before Tanjiro and the others infiltrated the entertainment district. The old madam Omitsu of the Kyogoku house uncovers the horrific truth about Warabhime. But Warabihime kills her by throwing her off the roof.

Later Muzan visits her and praises her beauty and power. He also warns her about Hashiras who could easily recognize her as a demon and tells her to keep her guard up. Here we get to know her name – Daki (The Upper Moon Six) and the fact that she had already disposed of seven Hashiras. Back to present time – Daki figures out that Zenitsu is with the demon slayers but given his current power levels he in nowhere close to a hashira. So, she chooses to ignore him for the time being. End of episode.

Episode 4 – Tonight

IMDB Rating : 8.5

Source: Funimation

The next day arrives. Inosuke, Tanjiro and Tengen meet up for exchanging information. Here Tengen reveals that he lost contact with Zenitsu the night before and assumes the worst. Tengen apologizes to the two and asks them to leave as this job is way beyond their pay grade. Tanjiro believes that Zenitsu and Tengen’s wives are all alive as killing them would expose the demon. So, they decide to confront the demon in the Ogimoto house.

Tanjiro then meets Koinatsu (Oiran of Tokito House) and gives her some money for allowing him to stay in the house. The two share a sweet moment and then Tanjiro takes her leave. But before he could reach far, a demon appears to kill Koinatsu. Tanjiro senses the presence of the demon and runs back into Koinatsu’s room. The demon (Daki) was about to finish off Koinatsu but Tanjiro interrupts her. Enraged by this, she throws Tanjiro outside the window. For a moment Tanjiro is overwhelmed by her power but quickly gathers himself together and engages in battle. In midst of combat, Tanjiro with his quick sword skills and presence of mind successfully separates Koinatsu from Daki’s grasp. He firms his resolve to defeat this demon at any cost even if backup does not arrive in time.

Episode 5 – Things Are Gonna Get Real Flashy!!

IMDB Rating : 9.0

Things are gonna get real flashy
Source: Funimation

In start of the fifth episode, Tengen successfully locates and rescues Hinatsuru and instructs her to leave Yoshiwara once she feels better. He then rushes in the direction of the demon. Meanwhile, Tanjiro realizes that his sword is nicked. This is because of his incompatible fighting style. So, to avoid any more damage to his sword, he decides to use Hinokami Kagura against Daki. He does his best but is unable to connect his strikes due to Daki’s belt constantly countering him.

In the Kyogoku house, Inosuke tracks down the place where Daki keeps the humans trapped inside her belt. He manages to save some humans. But the Belt has a consciousness of its own and it receives orders from Daki to kill all the humans and leave the ten most beautiful ones alive. Inosuke struggles to fight the “Worm Belt” while protecting the humans. But Tengen’s other two wives arrive in time to back him up. Soon sleeping Zenitsu who was now free from the belt joins the fight. But Tengen arrives in a flash and saves everyone trapped in the Belt with a single strike.

After, we get a short backstory of Tengen and his wives. Tengen instructs his wives to value their lives before any mission or even his life. Being from the Kunoichi background, his wives find his instructions quite opposite to their Kunoichi training. And they realize that he really cares about them. The episode ends with Tengen stating that “Things are about to get real flashy”.

Episode 6 – Layered Memories

IMDB Rating : 9.3

Layered memories
Source: Funimation

On the main battlefield, Tanjiro still struggled with Daki. The Belts from Daki return to her and inform her about the presence of a hashira. Hearing this Daki gets too excited as she finally got a chance to please her master. She tranforms into a new form and her powers increase compared to earlier. But all this commotion causes some people to come out of their homes. Daki annoyed by their presence kills most of the humans in the vicinity. This pisses off Tanjiro.

In a flash back, we get to know that Kyojuro Rengoku’s father wrote back to Tanjiro explaining him some details about the Sun Breathing style. He mentioned that a user of this style has a red mark/scar on his forehead. But in Tanjiro’s case, he got his scar while protecting his brother from a falling brazier. And later during the selection exam, he injured his forehead and that is why his scar grew big. Tanjiro accepts the fact that he is not a chosen wielder of the Sun Breathing style. Still, he must punish this demon who kills people without a second thought.

He catches up to Daki in a fraction of second and even before she could comprehend, he chops her leg apart right from her body. Daki being a demon quickly regrows another leg. Tanjiro then questions Daki about her doings. His words trigger Muzan’s old memory stored inside her cells. The memory of the first wielder of the Sun Breathing style. Enraged by his words, Daki uses her Blood Demon Art to slash him. But Tanjiro with ease cuts off her belt and inflicts damage upon her.

Just when Tanjiro is about to slice her head off, he runs out of stamina. This gives Daki a chance to finish Tanjiro. But Nezuko arrives in time and kicks Daki’s head causing it to explode into pieces. This was still not enough to kill Daki. Tanjiro falls unconscious and Nezuko takes the charge. Daki cuts Nezuko’s leg and arm and slashes her body into two. But breaking all her restraints, Nezuko heals herself and regenerates her limbs. To the surprise of all us viewers, she also grows a horn and her power now stands in par with that of an Upper Rank.

Episode 7 – Transformation

IMDB Rating : 9.6

Transformation - The Entertainment District Arc
Source: Funimation

The episode continues with Nezuko absolutely demolishing Daki. She burn Daki with her blood demon art. But with her new form, Nezuko loses control and Tanjiro calms her down by singing a song. Daki again comes to confront Nezuko only to get her head sliced by Tengen, who now joins the main battle. Daki throws a tantrum after Tengen defeats her. In a sorry state, she calls forth her brother. The Upper Moon 6 is a shared title by Daki and her older brother – Gyutaro. In a blink of an eye, he gets past Tengen and saves his little sister.

Upset for hurting his little sister, Gyutaro viciously attacks Tengen. Meanwhile, Zenitsu and Inosuke arrive to help out. Tengen realizes that defeating these two demons would not be an easy task. Earlier he beheaded Daki but her body did not disintegrate. And now her brother who has an incredible speed and the ability to control his blood like a sword has come to back her up. The two siblings are a perfect combo for both attack and defense.

Episode 8 – Gathering

IMDB Rating : 9.4

Gathering - The Entertainment District Arc
Source: Funimation

Tengen comes from a line of shinobis. He had nine siblings, seven of them died before he turned fifteen. To preserve the clan, Tengen’s father forced his kids to undergo brutal training. The only ones who survived were Tengen and his younger brother. But his brother was also of the same mindset as his father. He too treated his subordinates as his pawn and his wives as expendables so long as they produced heirs. Tengen didn’t want to become like him and so he left the clan along with his three wives. He and his wives then joined the Demon Slayer Corps.

Back in the fight, Tengen manages to behead Daki for the second time ever after being poisoned by Gyutaro. Moments later, Inosuke, Zenitsu and Tanjiro join the fight by making a flashy entrance. Tanjiro realizes that there are two demons now and the new demon is quite strong than the one he fought previously. But Tengen assures the trio that they will win. Tanjiro notices that on the outside Tengen comes off as a self-centered man but on the inside, he is a caring and dependable person just like Rengoku.

Tengen deduces that the only way to defeat the two demons is to behead them at the same time. (The next fight sequence was so amazing, the animations, the sound effects and everything else. I just can’t spoil it for you. It would be better for you to experience it. Trust me on this). Zenitsu and Inosuke takes on Daki while on the other hand both Tanjiro and Tengen struggle against the constant attacks of Gyutaro. They finally get an opening when Tengen’s wife shoots a bunch of Wisteria laced kunais towards Gyutaro, paralyzing him for a few seconds.

Episode 9 – Defeating An Upper Rank Demon

IMDB Rating : 9.3

Defeating an upper rank demon - The Entertainment District Arc
Source: Funimation

Seeing the opportunity, Tengen manages to slice off the Gyutaro’s legs to throw him off balance. He and Tanjiro leap forward to severe the demon’s head. But the demon quickly neutralizes the effects of Wisteria and regenerates his legs. Following up with his blood demon art he easily manages to fend off Tanjiro and Tengen’s attacks.

Gyutaro then goes after Hinatsuru who earlier threw those kunais at him. Tengen ties to save her but his path gets blocked by the demon’s belt. Tanjiro notices this and with all his remaining strength manages to save Hinatsuru and chop off the demon’s hand. Tanjiro manages to pull off such a feat by using a combination of Hinokami Kagura and his Water Breathing style.

Daki and Gyutaro successfully separate Tanjiro and Tengen. Now Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke have to deal with Daki first before going on to help Tengen. Inosuke charges in forward to slice off Daki’s head while the other two shield him from her her attacks. He successfully manages to cut Daki’s head and runs off with it so she could not reattach it again to her body. But out of nowhere, Gyutaro appears behind him and plunges his sword right through his chest. Tanjiro then sees Tengen lying on the ground with his arm cut off and an eye gouged out. Tanjiro blames himself for not being present by his side. Just after, he is attacked too, due to which he falls unconscious.

Episode 10 – Never Give Up

IMDB Rating : 9.7

Never give up
Source: Funimation

Waking up in the middle of now a burnt down entertainment district, Tanjiro quickly checks on Nezuko. But before he could breathe a sigh of relief seeing her safe, the demon Gyutaro stands right before him. He taunts Tanjiro for not being strong enough to protect his little sister and breaks his fingers. Tanjiro quickly picks up Nezuko and tries to run as far he can. This really is a heart wrenching scene to watch. Gyutaro toys with him and seeing him in a pathetic state, offers him to be a demon.

Tanjiro looks up in the sky and states that he was waiting for this moment. Tanjiro HEAD-BUTTS an Upper Rank Demon. His sorry state earlier was an act to get his hands on the Wisteria laced kunai which he stabs in the demon’s leg. He then goes for the demon’s head. Daki attempts to save her older brother but Zenitsu attacks her using his Godspeed. But due to his broken fingers, Tanjiro fails to deliver the final blow. Tengen arrives in the nick of time and saves Tanjiro. Tenjen stopped his heart for a brief time, which stopped the circulation of the poison in his body.

Tengen then engages the demon in a fierce combat. Grabbing this opportunity, Tanjiro successfully manages to behead Gyutaro. He uses every single ounce of his strength to slice the demon’s head. And on the other hand, Zenitsu, with the help of Inosuke (who survived the fatal blow by shifting his internal organs) kills Daki. But it was not over yet for Tanjiro. Gyutaro’s body detonates as a final weapon in his arsenal.

Episode 11 – No Matter How Many Times We Reborn

IMDB Rating : 8.9

No matter how many times we reborn
Source: Funimation

Tanjiro and Tengen who were in the radius of the explosion, are saved by Nezuko’s blood demon art. She also burns the poison from their bodies. Zenitsu and Inosuke are also in a bad shape but they are glad to be alive after fighting two upper rank demons. Tanjiro along with Nezuko then goes to search the demons severed heads for confirmation.

We then get to know the painful backstory of Daki and Gyutaro. I have covered it in a separate article, check it out HERE. The Serpent Hashira – Obanai Iguro arrives with reinforcements. Obanai then asks Tengen about his future plans, having lost his hand and an eye in the fight. But Tengen declares his retirement now resting assured that the mantle of Demon Slayer Corp is in the capable hands of Tanjiro and the others. The Entertainment District Arc ends with the Upper Moon three being summoned to the infinity castle, teasing the plotline for the next season.

Final Verdict on The Entertainment District Arc –

This season was a great combination of exceptional quality animations, mind blowing action scenes paired with high class sound effects. The plot without a doubt surpassed the “Mugen Train Arc”. It sure took three episodes to set up the stage for the epic fight sequences but I felt it was a little too much considering that we had to watch the Mugen Train Arc as Part 1 of the second season.

Speaking about the characters –

Tengen – After Rengoku’s death, I was unsure if Tengen could fill his shoes but when I finished the season, I felt a sense of respect for this character. He sure makes me wonder how unique and powerful the other Hashiras will be.

Tanjiro, Zenitsu & Insosuke – As expected the trio powered up. I think their power scaling is on the same level currently (Tanjiro might have a slight edge but just a little).

Nezuko – I had to mention this character separately, after all how could I ignore her feat? Nezuko was the MVP of this season. Here power scaling for sure is above the trio. But I was more impressed with her emotional growth. Nezuko still maintaining her humanity after turning a demon is truly a blessing or else, she would be a force to be reckoned with.

The season did not fail to give us some much-deserved comic scenes every now and then. This sure helped relieve the anxiety caused by the fight sequences.

My Ratings for The Entertainment District Arc:

Animations : 9 / 10

Sound : 8.5 / 10

Plot : 8.5 / 10

Where does the manga pickup after The Entertainment District Arc?

After such an amazing season, if you are still hungry for some demon slayer content then do read the Demon Slayer Manga. The manga picks up after The Entertainment District Arc at chapter 98. The manga has a total of 205 chapters and have already concluded the entire story of Demon Slayer.

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